Personal Chef/Meal Delivery Services

Hiring a personal chef can mean the difference between swinging through a drive-thru on the way home and having a fresh, healthy meal waiting on the table.  These days many busy families find it difficult to find the time to cook dinner each night, let alone shop for the groceries.  Hiring a personal chef can be the solution you’ve been waiting for.  Here’s how it works:  Together we plan the meals for the week , I shop for the groceries and ingredients, prepare meals for the week and deliver delicious, healthy, chef prepared meals for you and your family.

I offer pricing and meal plans that can accommodate just about anyone.  Contact me below for a quote.  Whether its just you and you hate to cook or you have a large family and no time to cook, we will do our very best to ensure you’re eating your very best.  If you are newly vegetarian or vegan we have a wonderful selection of dishes that will help ease your transition.  We offer many vegan versions of some familiar favorites, from mac and cheese to meatloaf.  Contact us today to learn more.

personal chef